Bankeez’ objective: 100% useful.


  • Your money is cashed in and held safely by our partner bank Tunz
  • Your browsing on the website and all the data transfers are highly secure


  • The service fits all the situations where you need to collect money: for reimbursements within a group, for a fundraising, for a subscription for an organization


  • With Bankeez, no commercial affiliation or requirement: you are free to use the money you collected for what you want
  • You can customize your collection parameters, based on your particular needs: number of guests, deadline, reminders or shared access to the group data…


  • Using the service is simple and fast
  • Setting up your fundraisings or retrieving the money you collected just require a few clicks


  • The fee structure is clear and predictable
  • Information sharing within the group requires no effort, prevents stressful situations and potential disputes